Apr 15

are there people that actually go to coachella for the music or is it just some strange indie fashion show 

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So in love with Lower Manhattan 🇺🇸 
Went to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty today with Dan :) We were surprised by some really nice weather although it was supposed to rain!
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Shoutout to the girl in my history class who raised her hand and said that NYC’s main airport in 1939 was JFK international.

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So I’m having issues with my ex

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Today was good. I went to work, got ice cream with @supergirlsarriiiee, watched some netflix, and did some P90x. Now I’m eating grapefruit and watching Friends…. which I’ve never seen before!

Mar 22
Dan’s playing video games. I’m rooftop brunch venue hunting for my 21st birthday… in 5 months. We got Dunkin’ Irish Creme Iced Coffees and now we’re about to make nachos. I love spending my nights with him.

my ex, ever since we broke up THREE YEARS AGO, has been trying to get back in touch with me, just got a new twitter and followed me. 

yep. i cannot believe i am still dealing with this.

Mar 16, 1 note
It hurt, but I still stayed.
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So my goal is to convince my parents to let me study abroad this summer after they said no because they are afraid for my safety. And also because the deadline to apply is the 15th and I just read a post on tumblr and it made me think that I won’t ever get the opportunity to study abroad and learn another language again if I don’t go this summer. And that’s not an opportunity I want to miss.

Mar 12

I am going to hate myself when I go to wake up tomorrow for class

Mar 12
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Welcome to Premiere Dance of Flemington, how can we help you? #dance #studiolife