I just wanna live in Buenos Aires

May 08

I really wish I did my college career differently. I wish I had done community college, then a gap year abroad in two countries, and then university in NYC. I feel I would’ve gotten so much more out of it.

May 07, 1 note

I think my dad is actually leaning towards letting me study abroad in Chile next year :)

May 04

Mom literally just texts me from a family party and says that my ex is going and I should come. Yea mom. Okay. You’re really convincing me.

May 04, 1 note

My senior year consists of finishing my Communications major (which will be done the first semester) and the second semester is going to be me finishing classes for a Latin American Studies minor. So it’d be so perfect for me to study abroad… and my parents already wouldn’t let me go to Argentina this summer. I’m going to bother them until they say yes and let me study abroad in January in Chile. Or else I’m going to pay for it myself.

May 02
My view walking home yesterday ☺️ One World Trade always looks best after it rains and the sun is setting.

All I want is an apartment with you in NYC and a few cute puppies

Apr 28, 2 notes

my goal for may is to get my first tattoo

Apr 26, 1 note
It was our third Easter together yesterday 💐🐣
Easter celebration🐣🍻

So today I caught you in a lie

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Apr 18, 1 note

So I typed in one of my fave blog’s URL and it’s now a porn site????? ok

Apr 18

I miss you already 😔💘

Apr 18
Apr 15

are there people that actually go to coachella for the music or is it just some strange indie fashion show 

Apr 14, 2 notes