my ex, ever since we broke up THREE YEARS AGO, has been trying to get back in touch with me, just got a new twitter and followed me. 

yep. i cannot believe i am still dealing with this.

'It hurt, but I still stayed.'

So my goal is to convince my parents to let me study abroad this summer after they said no because they are afraid for my safety. And also because the deadline to apply is the 15th and I just read a post on tumblr and it made me think that I won’t ever get the opportunity to study abroad and learn another language again if I don’t go this summer. And that’s not an opportunity I want to miss.

I am going to hate myself when I go to wake up tomorrow for class

Welcome to Premiere Dance of Flemington, how can we help you? #dance #studiolife

still cannot get yesterday out of my headddd

La la laaaa spent some time in the studio today with Alex T Marshall ☺️

me and @supergirlsarriiiee get to meet a member from one of our favorite bands tomorrow :) eeeeee !

my professor tonight in class: I need three things to keep me happy- food, sex, and wifi

I guess one upside to not studying abroad this summer is that now i can use my money on clothes instead of saving it

Kind of had my dreams crushed last night. My parents won’t let me study abroad (for safety and financial reasons) and I can’t help but feel really heartbroken and I don’t really know what to do with myself now. It was something I really wanted

I want to study abroad this summer more than anything. Super excited for my study abroad appointment on Friday :))))

my favorite band member from my favorite band responded to me and @supergirlsarriiiee last night on Twitter.


Sunday exploration ☀️#lowereastside #nyc