It’s September again…

Hey loves! I guess I should apologize for not posting super frequently in the past few weeks! (Although I gain more followers when I don’t post) I recently started my senior year of university and just recently landed and started a public relations internship I’ve dreamed of since probably ever. I’ve even considered starting a wordpress blog chronicling my work/intern/school balance and mix in some bits about my life. So I guess…. thanks for sticking around while I settle back into my schedule and get my life settled :)

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study abroad rant

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Sep 09
Montreal feels a bit like fall today
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I might start screaming

Basically my dream company just emailed me back and said if I’m still looking for a fall internship, they’d be happy to arrange an interview.

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I will not be your ‘sometimes.’
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It just sucks knowing that I was never your only girl

Aug 14
Cloudy beach days ❤️
reblogging this from myself bcus I’m going through my tags and my family in PR is the cutest and I miss them

I have tried everything to get my ex to leave me alone and he still tries. I have no idea how to get him to leave me alone anymore.

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Made the Dean’s List for the 2014 Spring semester :)

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