I think it’s glued to my head
Big floppy hat season ☀️💋

Bought myself a nice pair of black skinnies and chelsea boots today. Been awhile since I’ve spent my money on myself :)

I drove home as the sun was setting last night. I was blasting Arctic Monkeys and I had on my favorite dress. I was exhausted from being out in the sun and swimming all day and I was drinking some damn good coffee. Idk it was kinda a perfect drive.
Babes 💘

I obsessively check the study abroad website daily to see if the official dates were posted for the Chile program I want to do even tho the rep told me they won’t be posted till August

You literally don’t even give 1/2 of the effort that I put into this relationship

Bought this dress todayyyyy 🌞🙆

I told Dan that we need to talk the next time I see him. I’m going to tell him about his mom. I know this is going to be the end of our relationship because his family is possibly the most important thing to him, but I feel like I deserve to be treated with some respect. I shouldn’t have to accept the way she treats me just because I’m dating her son. 

so i just need to vent

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Late night studying. Final exam tomorrow, dad’s birthday party tomorrow night, and then a week vacation down the shore with my love 💘