Good chinese white wine

Oct 20

I’ll either need an insane amount of coffee or an insane amount of alcohol to get me through my next 72 hours.

Oct 20, 3 notes

I got drunk while I was trying to write my midterm papers. 

Oct 18, 4 notes

So my mom found a box of letters my grandpa wrote when he was in Europe for WWII and in every single one of them he writes about how disappointed he is in his siblings because no one has forwarded him his magazine subscriptions

Oct 18, 3 notes

Wish I didn’t have to say this but, as a friendly reminder to anyone (male or female, it can go both ways), DO NOT TOUCH SOMEONE without their consent. You can approach someone or compliment someone without having to invade their personal space and make them uncomfortable.

Oct 06, 4 notes

I miss my baby. He’s in the hospital. And I have my internship tomorrow. I don’t get home till 7 and my license is expired and I work till 6 on Saturday so I can’t see him for another 2 days :(

Oct 02

I have 0 tolerance for people who don’t carry their weight or expect not to do anything and still get a good grade for group projects

Oct 01, 3 notes
Woke up after a 12-hour sleep all cozy with my love
I need a change

I just want to chop off all my hair. Dye it a new color, maybe.

Sep 22, 1 note

So I can understand Spanish really well but I can’t form a grammatically correct sentence for shit and the number one reason I need to learn how to is because I need to talk back IN SPANISH to all the assholes at the liquor store who insist on talking about me and talking dirty to me in Spanish and I am fed up. It is just as bad as the men who catcall you on the streets.

Sep 21, 2 notes
Last night. Late night commute essentials: Marie Claire and comfy heels

Probably few other compliments are better than “I always love your outfits”

Sep 17, 1 note
It’s September again…

Hey loves! I guess I should apologize for not posting super frequently in the past few weeks! (Although I gain more followers when I don’t post) I recently started my senior year of university and just recently landed and started a public relations internship I’ve dreamed of since probably ever. I’ve even considered starting a wordpress blog chronicling my work/intern/school balance and mix in some bits about my life. So I guess…. thanks for sticking around while I settle back into my schedule and get my life settled :)

Sep 16, 3 notes
study abroad rant

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Sep 09
Montreal feels a bit like fall today