For the longest time, I’ve been made fun of because I don’t have a perfect smile. I had braces in fifth grade but then my teeth shifted and my parents never wanted to pay a ton of money AGAIN for braces. I’ve been called names by so many people and my smile is the first thing that is attacked if someone is to make fun of me. I was always so insecure about it. I always think what if my teeth were straight, then what would they make fun of me for? I think making comments about others is such a low blow.

My boyfriend thinks my smile is the cutest thing ever. I never understood why. He always says just seeing me smile makes him happy. It wasn’t until today that I was looking at my smile in the mirror that I realized that I like my smile. I don’t care what other people think of it. I can’t do anything about it- I don’t have the money to have a “perfect smile”. But I can embrace what I have. 

So a big fuck you to anyone who makes you feel down about yourself. You are beautiful, fuck what anyone else thinks. Embrace who you are.

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