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(by Theo Gosselin)

His rise & shine tattoo is too cute

Big sky sunsets in gaucho country. We tucked our tents in the short desert shrubs to hide as best we could. We went for a walk at sunset and the cowboys from the rugged ranch noticed the strangers far off in the field. As we got back to our tents we saw eight gauchos on horseback racing across the valley to investigate the intruders. We ducked into the tents hoping they wouldn’t see us. In minutes, we heard loud hooves on the rocks and dogs sniffing the trail. Being hunted by men on horseback is terrifying. The dogs found us first. They erupted into frantic barking and the cowboy rounded the bushes to see us. His horse was breathing heavily. He was holding his five year old daughter in his lap. She was dressed entirely in pink. He said, in Spanish of course, ‘good evening friends, you can camp by my house if you like, it’s nicer.’
I don’t remember how I responded. But he chuckled.
And so, the horseback hunter became our guardian friend. So it is in the Argentine outback. #OregonToPatagonia #argentina #thenorthernedgeofPatagonia

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*takes gulp of vodka straight from the bottle* my day was fine

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